Gonzales & Gonzales Immigration Bonds (G & G) was founded in 1950 by two brothers, Raul and Carl. The business was started to help new immigrants legally enter the United States by posting public charge bonds. G & G has posted bonds for aliens from almost every country in the world and has a reputation as one of the leading immigration bond companies in the nation.

In 1984, Raul's son (Raul the II) joined the firm a full-time basis, after having assisted part-time since high school. Carl retired from the firm the following year, the third generation has slowly transitioned into the business with Raul III working summers during his college years. In 2004 Raul III joined the firm on a full-time basis.

Originally, G & G was a bonding company only local to the Los Angeles, California area. The firm slowly expanded to a statewide basis and then grew in to a regional (West Coast) company. Over this past decade, the firm began expanding to serve a nationwide clientele.

G & G was the principal in the Amwest v. Reno (1993) litigation. The result of this lawsuit has been characterized by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) as "We believe these new policies will improve the alien appearance rate and the bonding process." Many of these new policies are incorporated into the "Immigration Bond" form (INS I-352).

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